Looking for Sales manager with fluent English
to join international sales team
Key objective: managing the full sales cycle from the first contact till the successful deal

Pavel Sokovnin
COO, tells more about the job
We actively develop our product on the international market under the name - Dashly.io. Our marketing team generates a number of clients, who are interested in our product. It is important for us to help our clients find their weaknesses, pain points and show how to fix them with the help of Dashly.io. We need a person who will take care of all first negotiations with incoming clients and will help to reach a win-win situation in a business.

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Job brief
We are looking for a person to ring up incoming customer requests, to conduct their initial lead qualification, to hold the meetings with demonstrations of our features and opportunities to solve customers' problems and finally, to bring the client to the successful deal.
Responsibilities for the first 3 months
  • Reaching incoming customers by phone or any other available messengers
  • Qualifying clients according to existing checklist
  • Arranging an appointment with decision makers
  • Offering decisions of problem solving to our clients, demonstrating a variety of product features. We don't "sell" our product, but help to solve a business need
  • Bringing the customer to the successful deal
Hard skills requirements
  • Fluent English
  • Experience in cold sales (great advantage, if you work on the international market and have an experience in selling complex business solutions)
  • Knowledges of different techniques how to reach the company's decision-makers
  • Basic knowledges of Internet marketing will be a strong advantage:
    • what the user funnel is
    • what metrics and tools for working with traffic do exist
  • Ability to listen to the clients, qualify them and identify their business need
  • Ability to present information clearly and systemically
Soft skills requirements
  • Operational mindset - The ability to build cause-and-effect relations
  • Curiosity - We share the desire to explore, investigate and never stop in learning something new
  • Ability to learn - Quickly absorb, actively ask clarifying questions, and be able to apply the knowledge gained in practice
  • Strong communication skills - To be able to communicate, find common ground and come to an agreement
  • Self-organisation
  • Proactivity - Ability to listen, engage in discussions and offer solutions to the clients. Problem-solving attitude
  • Flexibility - To be ready for any changes и adjust to them
This is our team, you definitely won't get bored
Company benefits
  • Professional team
  • Freedom in experiments and support from the team
  • Flexible start of working day and possibility to work remotely
  • Participation in conferences and meetups, internal online and offline library
  • Regular sales trainings
  • Clear and well-described working processes
  • Support from marketing team with ready-made sales presentations, cases and other necessary materials
  • Clear incentive program, no salary limits and career growth
  • Free parking for those, who regularly work in office
  • Personal birthday presents, PS5, board games and cozy office :)
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